Call of the wolf

by R Murray

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Emilie and Melaina are the only two immortal witches that have been chosen by the Lamia to take the gift of eternal life. Two sisters, but two very different souls. One wields magic so dark and evil that even the devil himself fears her. The other holds the purest of magic with a darkness buried deep within.

When Emilie is set amongst the wolves to find out the latest game they play she finds herself swept away by the magic of the youngest wolf Maccon.

But Emilie holds her own dark secret, one so enormous, it threatens to destroy all that the Lamia have protected for centuries. A secret that could bring a new rule over all of the Forsaken. A secret that if discovered would bring forth the ultimate war between nature’s monsters.

Will Emilie answer the call of the wolf or will the White Witch be consumed by the darkness threatening her world?

Loyalties will be tested. Blood will be shed. Bonds will be formed as the war for immortality becomes its deadliest yet.