Mortal Rose

by Alice Silver

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New kid in town, Zander Roberts dreads the moment his mother signs the permission slip for him to attend Camp Shenandoah, a weekend getaway for students at Lincoln High. It’s not bad enough his accent makes him stand out, but letting anyone know the reason he’s moved from South Carolina to Wisconsin could be fatal to his social life. Not that he seems to have much of one.

Not knowing anyone at camp sucks, but that all changes when he meets Rose Laughlin, who happens to take his breath away. Rose is a mystery to him with her own secrets, a love of writing, and a darkness that surrounds her. He can’t quite pin-point what it is about her that draws him to her, but he can’t keep away.

Can he save her from herself?

Fans of The Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska, and Before I Fall will enjoy the novella Mortal Rose.