Training Amy: Head of Household Steamy Shorts: Book 1

by L.A. Cox

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She's had her eye on this tough, rough head of household for years.

She doesn't know he's been eyeing her back.

And he's not the only one who wants a piece of Amy – and to show her who's boss in THIS household...

A filthy, sizzling, taboo BDSM short from acclaimed author L.A. Cox

Just a few of the five-star reviews for L.A. Cox's One Steamy Summer Series:

'Well Written SMUT...I Love It!!! I loved this series. I have a huge appreciation for intelligent writing and good editing. I am finding that its really hard to come by with ebooks and I love the work of authors that do it right. In addition to the writing the story itself was hot, sexy and erotic. What more could you ask for?'

'I read each book individually and the heat factor is off the charts. Totally taboo, Toni gets exactly what she wants from Tom and then some. Grab the extinguisher this set will melt your Kindle!'

'Love it... OMG was this hot. This book series was scorching.'

'So I have finally read the first 4 books of Toni and Tom and the books just get's hotter and more raunchier as you keep on reading. Hot, sexy, naughty and oh so dirty! Great sexy read.'

'I loved this boxset, ageplay, BDSM, erotic, this story truly has it all. He is strong, alpha, a major daddy, and she is looking for love in all the wrong places with all the best results.'

'Nice collection of all four books that have great storylines and interesting characters which kept me totally engaged until the very last page!'

'Oh my the steam is immense and the taboo delicious. A purely sinful and panty wetting read. I'd recommend if you like your heat high with a side of so wrong it's right.'

'I am a general fan of L. A Cox and I am soooooo glad I was given the chance to read this collection. I don't want to give away any of the plot or story so all I am going to say is this is one hooooot collection of great characters, great sex and so intense I want to be able to read again as if for the first time. Well done.'

'Strong characters and a great story line for each book. I so can't wait to read more of Cox's work either. This is a great collection to read for a weekend to keep you occupied for a while. I just couldn't put it down once I started reading it.'

'This is a hot steamy read and I just love that it is all together in one box set I had read most of these before and enjoyed them a lot if you enjoy a lot of kink in your taboo reads then give this a read.'

'This box set was absolutely fantastic!! Delicious and super steamy!! Love this series!!',/i>

Warning – this short is rough, dirty and taboo, with explicit sex scenes, and themes of domination, punishment, BDSM, unprotected sex, breeding and dubcon. Proceed with caution! Absolutely for adults only.

All characters are over 18.