Trident Security Series - Novella Set: Not Negotiable; Whiskey Tribute; Option Number Three

by Samantha A. Cole

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Not Negotiable: Trident Security Book 3.5

Shelby Whitman has had a huge crush on the one man who deserves more than she can give him, so it’s best to keep him at arm’s length.

Dominant Parker Christiansen has been craving the perky, petite submissive ever since he laid his eyes on her, but she’s turned down his every attempt to negotiate with her.

When Parker finds out Shelby’s hiding a devastating secret from her friends, he steps in to help, and this time he won’t take no for an answer. Can he convince her he’s fallen in love with her, and if they only have this time together, they should make the best of it?

Whiskey Tribute: Trident Security Book 5.5

Curt Bannerman never thought he’d have to ensure his best friend’s wife and children were taken care of in the event of Eric’s death, a promise made before the two men retired from the Navy SEALs. But an assassin made the promise a reality. Eighteen months later, he’s still keeping an eye on the family, however, somewhere along the line his feelings for the pretty widow have changed.

Dana Prichard had been both a mother and a father to her children during her husband’s multiple deployments, but once Eric retired she’d thought those days were over. Now, she has to do it with no chance of him ever coming home again. While his SEAL teammates have been there for her since his death, one of them stands above all the rest; the man who is slowly invading her dreams.

They started as friends but, now, both want more. Can they move past the feelings they are betraying a dead man by wanting each other? Or is Eric always going to stand between them?

Option Number Three: Trident Security Book 7.5

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas . . . or does it?

Dominant Mitch Sawyer has been lusting after submissive Tori Frejya since she first stepped into the private BDSM club he owns with his cousins. But he’d waited too long to approach her, and she now belongs to someone else, while he watches from afar. When Tori asks him for a favor that involves going to Vegas with her and her Dominant switch, Tyler Ellis, Mitch can’t refuse.

After a night with Tori and Tyler, which goes way out of his comfort zone, Mitch is left confused and unsure for the first time in his life. He now faces three options—but will he have the courage to choose the one he never knew he wanted?

***The Trident Security series contains elements of the BDSM lifestyle, sensual romance, nail-biting suspense, and happily-ever-afters.