Sidearms and Silk

by Vella Day

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Private investigator Dax Mitchell has more pressing things to do than solve some mystery in small-town Kerry, West Virginia—that is until some sweet old lady begs him to locate her missing friend. Not even a hard-boiled, former homicide detective can turn her down.

Deputy Jessie Nash has enough on her hands, and the last thing she needs is an irresistible investigator interfering with her job. When her worse nightmare comes true, Jessie reluctantly turns to Dax for help. Working together is not her style, but even she will admit Dax is hot with a capital H. The problem is that the closer they work together, the more intense their desire for one another becomes.

When they uncover some truths neither wants to face, will it extinguish the passion that burns so deeply between them or make it brighter?