Mr. Big Wrench and The Heiress

by Lana DeAngeli


Can Ms. Billionaire choose love again after having lost everything?
Is he able to move on from his greatest love?
When Brook lost her husband, her fortune… her life, she never thought she would find solace in the arms of a sexy small-town bad boy mechanic. He had more to offer than a one-night stand.
When Deacon lost the love of his life, he fell apart, unable to let go of the past. His life was at a stalemate until a young gorgeous city girl arrives in his little town. Is she able to nudge him out of his funk?
When opposites attract, there is no fighting it.
What happens when two people are brought together to only find out they had more to offer each other than hot steamy sex.
Sometimes a little tryst can turn your life around.