A Rizer Wolfpack Series

by Amelia Wilson

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What would really happen if mankind found out shifters lived among us?

Find out in this hot and steamy Paranormal Romance series what happens when the world is flipped onto its head. Governments, and cities are toppled. Humans become the minority.

The world seems dark to the humans who have survived. Mankind was not made to buckle, there are still many who stand up. Only where is the right place to make a stand, and for who?

Love is found in the most unexpected of places. It is what drives us all and what inspires the characters in this series to stand where no one else has dared to stand, dead center.

This boxset series contains elements of suspense, passion, spies, werewolves, shifters you’ve never heard of, destined mates and powers that will have you reading in a hurry to find out what will happen next.

All five books in the series are included in this set.

Love Beyond the Wall
Sight of Love
Claimed by Love
In Love with the Enemy
Love for you Alone

Climb the wall with Cara, face the demons in the night with Angeline, be claimed with Onyx, fall with Nora, and Risk everything with Nicloe! Each book ends with a happily ever after and can be read alone or concurrently.

Ratings coming back on this series are in the five-star majority, with an overall star rating of four point five. Don’t miss this smoking hot Paranormal Romance series that people are already talking about.