First & Anything (Part One)

by Laura Avery

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The goody two shoes that keeps following me all over campus is starting to get on my nerves.

Doesn’t she know who I am? A woman like her is the last thing I need.

Hannah is everything I want nothing to do with: brilliant, shy, and too nosey for her own good. She keeps putting her nose where it doesn’t belong, asking me a million and twelve questions for her stupid paper. I’m used to the press, I’m used to the attention… I’m not used to an uptight little brat trying to crack the cold outer shell I spent years building up.

So why does any other guy looking at her send a rage I’ve never known rippling through my body? I don’t want anyone else looking at her, touching her, or tasting her. Mine, the word keeps shooting in and out of mind.

And if anyone tries to take her: it’ll be the last thing they ever do.

The whole situation is becoming a problem. The longer Hannah keeps digging around, the closer she might come to finding out the truth… the secret I’ve been trying my whole life to keep.

And once she does that, there will be no saving either of us.


Nathan Cummings is everything I can’t stand. Cocky, rich, powerful, and a backlist of women so long it would make the most experienced girl nervous.

Which is exactly why I plan to spend my freshman year of college avoiding him. Until my professor thinks it would be a good idea to assign me a paper on the superstar himself.

Nathan pretty much laughs in my face the first time I approach him. As if I wasn’t mortified enough, he keeps popping up everywhere I go… literally.

What’s more startling is how much my body likes his presence, how I have to shove my knees together to keep myself under control whenever he touches me. But surrendering to Nathan is almost as dangerous as the secrets he keeps locked away in the darkest parts of his soul.

A man like him could never really love someone like me.

Could he?