A Touch of Soul

by Gwen Knight

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She speaks with the dead.

He was cursed by them.

Necromancer Autumn Kane has spent her life helping the dead. But when she's called to help investigate a homicide, she stumbles into something, and someone, far more deadly.

For centuries, Caleb Jensen has wandered the world, feeding off the souls of the dead to survive—a wretched existence he wouldn't wish upon anyone. But when his most recent meal brings a necromancer knocking on his door, he realizes this is his only chance to break the curse.

Except, one look and Caleb knows that Autumn isn't like any necromancer he's ever met before. She stirs something within him...a passion he's never felt before. She might be the only one who can restore his soul, but he'll be damned if that means losing hers in the process.