Mine in the Basement: Curvy & Bodyguard Abduction

by Q. Zayne

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Dark, scary, and healing. Come into the basement if you're up for a night that changes bruised hearts.
This is a dark abduction romance with adult language and intimate acts. Potential triggers include stalking, perverted threats, danger, manipulation, domination, mild off-stage male bisexuality, paternal figure, and consensual spanking.
Mace blames himself for the death of the man he loved most. He’s forty, still rock-hard, but damaged. His failure to protect a mob boss’s son destroyed his reputation and left him guilt-ridden.
The key to changing his life walks in the door in killer heels. But despite being the one with the money and the job offer, she exposes Mace to dangerous temptation.

A plus-size model with secrets and a perverted stalker, Hannah resents the bodyguard her mother hired. His presence in her home rankles, as do his probing questions, his appreciative eyes, and his orders.
It doesn’t help that the powerful, older stranger is hot as hell.

Standalone, no cliffhanger, HEA.
Experience combustion between two hurt people who discover they need each other.
Get in here. Immediately. You won’t be the same when you get out.