Church Girls Don't Tell

by Temple Leery

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So you know, I had an affair with an older man. Yes, I was a side chick. I'm not proud of that. On top of that, he wasnt just any older man. He's a clergy. Cliché’ I know, but I fell for it. I thought I was in love. Turns out though, he wasn’t. Only I didn’t find that out until I got pregnant and he discarded me like a used dish rag.

To add insult to injury he insisted I get an abortion and when I refused, he threatened me. Now I’ve met a wonderful new guy. Someone my own age. We attend the same college. Things are heating up between us, but he doesn’t know that I’m pregnant. Until, that is the truth is revealed while I am in the hospital recovering from an accident.

In the hospital, I tried to keep it a secret who the father was, but I cracked under pressure. And when mama found out she went to confront pastor. That’s when the decision is made to ship me off to Martha’s Vineyard with my Aunt and Uncle. Mama said it was for my best, but she had a secret of her own. There are only three things I want: (1) A healthy baby (2) The man of my dreams and (3) Pastor David Monroe to die a slow and painful death. I’ll even settle for two out of three.