Rune Romance Complete Series

by Amelia Wilson

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A Norse god's curse, rebirth and the power of the Runes brought them together, but now shapeshifters, faeries and witches are trying to tear them apart.

Complete Box Set of The Rune Series, a collection of 4 titles that have all the romance, action, and drama to leave you hooked.

Nika Graves thinks she's just a museum curator, but when she meets Erik Thorvald, she's thrust into a world of Viking vampires, powerful witches and the magic of the Runes. Erik is sexy as hell, a Swedish special operator and an immortal with baggage in the form of witches who hates him for the misdeeds of his past. Can Nika and Erik find love and stay alive when gods come to earth and magic takes control?

The Rune Romance Complete Series will bring you four thrilling novels with action, supernatural suspense and a sexy couple steaming up Scandinavia. Come for the love story. Stay for the excitement!