Healed by Hunger (The Happy Endings Resort Series: Book 34)

by Crystal Rister

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River West left home for college at seventeen. Since then, not able to be near the man she had dreamt about since her teenage years, and know he didn't feel the same way, she'd only been home once, for her mother's funeral. She'd graduated college, had a romantic relationship with her boss, had his child, was nearly beaten to death, buried her brother, and was now in hiding five hundred miles away at a resort in North Carolina.

At nineteen, Ace Barnett watched River's mother drive her away to college, but not before pushing her away, believing it was best for both their sakes. When he was made Alpha, he changed rules for the better of his pack. Now able to claim River as his mate, he has found her and will bring her home. Convincing her they were meant to be will be harder than he thought. The flirtatious girl he once tried to ignore, was gone, and in her place, is a strong-willed woman with a determination to keep him at bay.
But he had determination too.
He will not go home without her.

In the thirty-fourth installment, of the previous stories in the Happy Endings Resort Series you fell in love with, Ace fights for the woman he loves with both heart and fists. They will endure secrets, heartache, and an abusive boss used to getting his way.
I promise you all will be right, and hearts will be mended.

This is a happy ever after that deals with domestic abuse.