Burning Rogue

by Crystal Rister

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Sara Thomas
Being thrust into a world of shifters, vampires and druids was enough to make her think that she was living a nightmare. Add to that the father she thought died, showing up at the door and kidnapping her, it's enough to question her sanity.
Just as Sara is ready to go through the claiming with Jarroth, fate has intervened and sets her course for danger, and possibly death.

Jarroth Denton
On the hunt for his mate, Jarroth enlists his friend Cayden to assist in his search, who adds a few vampires to their efforts. Together, they will find his mate, but keeping her alive becomes nearly impossible until it's taken out of their hands, and they are forced to accept what fate has handed them.

The fight becomes real as their desire wars with the danger, and more secrets come to the surface.

The enemy finally approaches, and the Rogue will no longer be denied.

~~This book contains violent and sexual content. It is intended for readers 18+~~