Burning At Last

by Crystal Rister

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Sara Thomas
Thirteen years ago a tragedy sent her fleeing from her home. Now she returns, in hopes of a new start. One dangerous night forces her to realize that everything she believed to be true, isn't, and everyone she thought to be gone, was not. Her best friend is not only alive but claims that she is meant to be his mate.
Oh, and he's a wolf gone, Rogue.

Jarroth Denton
Seeing Sara in the bar nearly undid him, but having her so near was the true torture. He sent her running thirteen years ago to save her life, and now that he has her back, he had no plans to ever letting her go again.

Fate may intervene as the same evil that tore their lives apart has returned.

Can Sara live with Jarroth being more than just a man, and trust him with her heart?
Will Jarroth be patient enough to await Sara's decision?
Can they escape the past that has returned to finish what it started?

Find out as the Burn consumes them, and the danger nears.

~~~~~For readers 18 years and older only. Contains violent and sexual content.~~~~~