Her Pampered Fantasies, Vol. 1, 2 and 3 BUNDLE: First 3 books of the first-time ageplay inexperienced babygirl ABDL anthology!

by Amelia Hobbes

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Nearly 15000 words in these THREE exciting ABDL stories documenting a formerly vanilla girl's travels into the depths of kinky ABDL lifestyle. These 3 books show Denise as she learns to embrace being a diapered babygirl, and explores the sexy situations that can lead to.

Denise had never thought of herself as being kinky, but when her best friend confessed to being her Daddy's desperate diaper-wearing babygirl, she wanted to try it for herself. Alone in the house, Denise fantasizes about the rough Daddy who can give her the kind of punishment a naughty diaper-wetting girl like herself deserves...

Denise has only explored ABDL fantasies by herself up until now, but her best friend invites her to make those fantasies so much more real. It's a sensual, soaking wet day of firsts for her as her best friend pushes her out of her comfort zone and into her very first lesbian encounter - in diapers!

Denise is invited back for another playdate with her best friend - but this time her Daddy will be there, and Denise knows Renee loves to be a naughty girl... In this story of firsts, Denise finds herself bent over the bed and punished for her naughty behaviour - before sharing an intimate embrace with another woman. Will she be as wet between her legs as her diapers?