My Professor put me In Diapers!: College girl ABDL/DDLG kink novelette with public humiliation and naughty romance.

by Amelia Hobbes

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A 17k+ word novelette, packed with kinky, naughty ABDL fun as a young college student learns just how fulfilling being Daddy’s little girl can be…

Robert Clark has a big problem with one of his students. Lucy Michaels fails to turn up for class, never turns in assignments, and if she was anybody else she’d be on academic suspension, or even expelled. Sadly, her parents have money and they’ll pull school funding if their little angel is removed from the school.

So Robert comes up with a new plan - Lucy will learn to be obedient, and she’ll do it by becoming his very own pampered princess. Lucy is pushed headfirst into a whirlwind of wet diapers, public humiliation, and adult-sized cribs, and finds to her surprise… she loves it?

After initial stubbornness, Lucy soon gives in, learning more and more about herself and what turns her on, and accepting her professor as her new, loving Daddy. Read the story of how she gets there, one desperate diapered orgasm after another!