Daddy's Diapered Babyslut, Vol. 1, 2 and 3 BUNDLE: First 3 books of the extreme public humiliation ABDL/ageplay fetish anthology!

by Amelia Hobbes

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Over 16000 words make up these THREE erotic ABDL stories, that push the boundaries of fantasy with naughty, kinky, extreme ageplay situations! Join Martin and his naughty little girl Chelsea as he teases and humiliates her in her thick diapers everywhere they go. Don't worry though, Chelsea loves every moment, and you can bet by the end of the book she'll get the 'big girl reward' she craves. If you love loving public ABDL humiliation, this anthology is for you!

In this raunchy short diaper adventure, Chelsea's Daddy takes her out for an evening of blushiness and naughty teasing. Thickly padded in a soggy diaper with a short skirt, she doesn't think things can get any more scary - or exciting! - before her Daddy forces her to her knees and makes her prove what a dirty girl she really is...

Martin and Chelsea are two adults who have a very special relationship, with him being her Dominant 'Daddy', and her his pampered princess. Dressed in a short skirt and a thick diaper, Chelsea thinks she can't get any more embarrassed at the mall. But Martin's about to remind her exactly what it means to give up control...

In their most extreme public adventure yet, Daddy Dom Martin and diapered girl Chelsea take a trip to the zoo, where Martin is determined to leave Chelsea blushing and whimpering in the most delicious way. He starts things off by sliding two suppositories into his babygirl's bottom, and ends by showing her just what 'naughty girls' need. This tale of Daddy's diapered babyslut is dirtier than ever before!