His Darling in Diapers - Taking the Leap: ABDL DDLG gentle diaper erotica

by Amelia Hobbes

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[i]This story is an altered/mirrored version of 'Devoted in Diapers - Getting her Feet Wet', so the author strongly recommends only reading one or the other.[/i]

This short story is sugar and SPICE, a tale of a loving DDLG couple who combine the soft, doting aspects of ageplay with the naughty, sexy parts.

Troy can sense that his fiancee is feeling blue - so he makes the ultimate suggestion: she should quit her job and be his babygirl forever! She's not sure at first, but maybe Daddy's hot, throbbing manhood inside her will convince her... Join Gwen on this naughty first few steps into forever ageplay.