The Office Nurse made me Load my DIAPERS!: Medical ABDL ageplay in diapers erotica.

by Amelia Hobbes

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Note: This story takes place during the 'My Wife is my NEW MOMMY?' series but is a standalone story that can be read by itself.
Joshua Sykes is being kept in diapers as his Mommy's helpless baby boy - and the whole office knows about it! There's even a new nurse at his workplace just to change his soaking wet diapers - and maybe, if he's a good boy, to do a little more...
Josh soon finds himself experiencing a curious medical examination, blushing all over as the nurse helps 'reduce the swelling' in his groin, then gives him his very first enema! After filling his pampers in the middle of the office, Josh is walked back, shamefaced, and changed again - will he get another special treat for loading his diapers so well?