RIDE TO DENVER: Suspense Filled Thriller

by M.A. Karwacki

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"Karwacki builds a thrilling story with strong characters ..." in this book that takes you on a journey from the Wyoming cattle ranch country of the 1990's into the downtown streets of Denver; the world of the newly created gaming casinos in old silver mining towns above Denver; the breathtaking snow-capped wilderness of the Absarokas; the land of the rich below the Tetons; and into a rough and tumble oil town where anything goes. Where does it all start? Why did it all happen?
Your daughter is kidnapped, and your brother arrested for murder. The police believe the facts contradict what you believe? Now, the events unlock a person inside you long suppressed. But, what about your daughter? What has it unlocked inside her?
Along their separate, but similar journeys, mother and daughter encounter adventure, romance, change, inner struggles, but mostly lurking dangers.
Don't misjudge women scorned. Fasten your seat belt and watch the unexpected thriller unfold its twists and turns to deliver a story filled with wily and offbeat characters.