Big O's (Sex Coach Book 2)

by M. S. Parker

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RAYE: A kiss from a stranger at midnight on New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean anything, does it?

Then why can’t I stop thinking about him, dreaming about him? I need to stop, even if he’s the most gorgeous man I’ve ever kissed. Even if I find him again, it can never become anything more than a fantasy.

You see, I’m broken, and no one can fix me.

KANE: A kiss at midnight after saving a damsel in distress should’ve gotten me something better than a slap across the face, but I don’t regret it.

Even now when I can’t get her out of my mind. Not because of how beautiful she was, or how great it felt when I kissed her. It was the look on her face just before she ran.

A broken look…and I’m a guy who fixes broken things.

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