Bear Club by Miranda Bailey (LovyBlog ARC)

by Lovy Blog ARC

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A moment in time cannot change your life, or so thinks Trudi Campbell. Trudi has her life mapped out before her and it was going to stay that way. When her car breaks down on her way to that life Trudi starts to see how maps can sometimes be wrong.

Her GPS sent her down a lonely highway, a place devoid of lights or life. Hungry and in need of a phone Trudi is leery of walking into the biker bar she stumbles upon, the only light in the darkness. These are not the kind of people she’d ever choose to be around.

Stepping inside could change Trudi’s life forever, if she’s brave enough. Can the loud, wild freedom and laughter offered to her by the Ursa Majors motorcycle club rival what Senator Blake Shippington III has to offer?

Can it replace her lonely childhood of dirt and poverty; can it be better than the sterile, luxurious lifestyle the senator offers? Can she break away from tradition and have two soul mates?

Are Travis and Quinn, the most tempting men fate ever had to offer up, really worth revealing the secret she has always hidden out of fear?

For Trudi the decisions are hard ones to make and she has no map to guide her way anymore. She lost that map the moment she followed a constellation to a place she’d never been before.