Love Me Last: A Military Man Romance

by Rhea Wilde

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"She's not like anybody I've ever met before. She's headstrong. She's defiant. She's a bit reckless, too. Good thing she doesn't care what anybody else thinks.
But there's another side to her. I know there is. She's kind. She's vulnerable. And she needs my help just as much as I need hers.
I'm going to do everything I can to protect her. It doesn't matter what happens to me..."


"He tells me his name is Sabin. Says he's Special Forces. Alpha Squad or something.
If he's military, he certainly has the body for it. And his demeanor is probably what you would expect from a professional who spends all day taking orders. I know he's not from around here because good, honest men are rare in this city.
I work better alone. But for this case, I have to make an exception. This won't be easy. He's not the distraction I need right now. There's a certain appeal about a man in uniform.
I can't fall for a man I barely know. I've been through that before. Never again. This case can't be solved soon enough..."

Private Investigator Eva Lynch works in New Gardens uncovering the city's dirtiest little secrets.

It's not until she meets Captain John Sabin that she realizes just how much danger she's in during her latest case. The Green Beret informs Eva of just how much is truly at stake. Against her better judgment, Eva agrees to partner with Sabin in order to get to the bottom of her investigation.

The two spend time with another and feelings develop. She thinks she has everything figured out until uncovered secrets threaten to tear them apart and put their partnership to an end. With everybody out to get them, Eva and John have to put an end to the danger threatening the city while coming to terms with who they really are...

Love Me Last is an 80,000+ word, standalone romance novel. Lots of steamy love inside!
NO cliffhangers. NO cheating. HAPPY ENDING included.