Rugged Daddy

by Ava Sinclair

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I never intended to become a thief. But when I realized my boss was using the outfitting company as a cover for illegal poaching, I hit him where it hurts - his pocketbook.
My plan was to hike to the next town. It was a rash, stupid plan. And I'd be dead now were it not for the man who found me injured on a back country trail.
Zane Tyler is big, rugged and quiet in the way most backwoods men often are. He's also handsome and smart enough to figure our I'm lying. He figures out something else, too. My life is kind of a wreck, and he thinks I could benefit from a father figure, one not afraid to put me over his knee and spank my bottom until I'm begging for mercy.
I never intended to become a thief. I never intended to become a baby girl to a mountain man, either. But here I am. And there's not a soul around to stop him from dominating me, or to stop me from the feelings of arousal his dominance awakens.
This book is a dark daddy Dom romance. It contains sex. It contains spanking. It contains power exchange. If these elements bother you, do NOT review this book.