All These Things: Maya Invictus

by Mark Tiro

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“A courtroom thriller and a forgiveness adventure. A Course in Miracles meets John Grisham.”

“Inner peace with an attitude—could be called Way of the Peaceful Lawyer!”

Don’t tell Maya Lee that whiskey doesn’t go with sushi…

Or with being the smartest person in the room.

She’s a lawyer who burns brilliant and tough. But her fight for justice has left her spiraling down into the dark recesses of a cloudy past she’s willed herself to forget.

And now she’s up to her eyeballs in a life-changing murder case with a mysterious client. Lives hang in the balance, and Maya's past is catching up.

She's a hot mess.

From the highs of the crucial court battle, to the lows of her personal dark night of the soul, Maya finds a glimmer of light in an unexpected place.

Her client.

Will she do the one thing she vowed never to do: let down her guard and trust her client?

Or will she stand to the end, to fight as she’s always done… and risk losing everything?

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