Implicit: Soul Invictus

by Mark Tiro

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The secret to the meaning of life.

Maya thinks she’s got it.

And it’s about to get her killed.


Maya’s in a race against time itself. Her past and future lives hang in the balance.

Now she has to put what she’s learned to the test.

Maya’s had a mystical vision, with the promise of unlimited power. For millennia, it’s only been revealed to a handful of unknown, enlightened masters.

And now, she’s tantalizingly close to grasping its ultimate secret.

With unforgiving enemies closing in, can Maya uncover it before they find her—and exact an ancient revenge?

Or will her stubborn quest get her killed again—this time, with devastating consequences to everyone she’s ever loved?

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“The life and death stories in this novel touch on everything that makes life profound, beautiful, absurd, and heartbreaking.” — Becca Chopra, Author of The Chakra Diaries