Clash of Lonely hearts

by Shiba Anie

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Clash of Lonely hearts….This is a steamy and a hot erotica about women who had forgotten what it feels like to be pleasured and men whose blood boils with passion.A woman who had forgotten the touch of a man…To the world, Anniss, Queen of the Coyote clan and keep was a strong woman. She doesn’t bat an eyelash when her husband, the king brings his mistress to the dinner table. Or when he brings home his bastards. But underneath her tough exterior was a lonely, broken woman who hadn’t known the touch of a man for a long time. A man with a heart of stone….Lone wolf as he was called by all was a man who had vowed never to love a woman. He takes women who caught his fancy to bed, proved to them that he was a man in every sense of the word and then never see them again. He finds his fulfillment on the battle field and conquering kingdoms until he met Anniss, a woman with a heart of steel. Sinful Pleasures…After defeating Annis's cowardice husband and conquering her village, Lone Wolf took all the women as captives. Rather than seeing him as an enemy, all the women treated him like a friend except the headstrong and beautiful Anniss.  Lone Wolf had never met a woman as brave and as sensual as her. He would do anything to melt the ice in her blood and make her burn with passion for him. He would lead her to the world of passionate sex and fulfillment. The lonely women of her clan would also let go of their inhibitions and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh with Lone wolf’s men.