Rooted: A Washed in the Blood Tale

by Idabel Allen

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It all comes from the root. And Grover McQuiston was the root of it all.

Working his lifetime to bury a shameful past, Grover McQuiston rules the town of Moonsock, Tennessee and his family with an iron fist. Or he did, until his granddaughter, Sarah Jane, scandalizes town with her so-called “queer” behavior. Before Grover can force Sarah Jane to marry, strung-out punk rocker Slade Mortimer crash lands in Moonsock, claiming to be Grover's long-lost grandson. When Slade’s presence threatens to reveal the devastating secret Grover will do anything to protect, it seems things couldn’t get any worse.

Then Grover’s wife, Eleanor, dies. And in those flat delta fields, Grover learns nothing, absolutely nothing stays buried forever.

Preparing for Eleanor’s funeral, Grover discovers he is responsible for a flawed family barely holding on to life. If they are to survive, they must account for their past sins: Grover, whose darkest secrets are about to become unearthed. Reclusive Sarah Jane, who hides deep literary talents and deeper scars. And Slade, running from the memory of his dead girlfriend and her vengeful father, seeking the legacy he never knew he possessed—and discovering the family he never knew he needed.

Sweeping from the grime of the 70’s New York City punk scene to the truck-scarred roads of rural Tennessee, this evocative, wry, and beautifully-written novel captures the grit of Southern storytelling at its finest.