Vested Interest

by Bethany Jadin

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A rebel artist, a tech genius, and three former marines.
Multiple companies are vying for my new security software, but when the men of Pentabyte turn their attention on me, it seems they want more than just my code. They're at the top of their game — intelligent, driven, wealthy — and they have me thinking maybe I want more, too. But everything I've worked for is on the line. Do I dare to mix business with pleasure when the stakes are this high?

* * *

Vested Interest is book one of The Code, a reverse harem continuation series of five full-length novels with heart, humor, heat, and an action suspense storyline that gathers in speed and intensity with each book. You'll find a strong woman and five intriguing men, each with their own quirks, wounds, and desires — but their focus is all on her.

There’s Jude, the strong, silent quintessential alpha, always calmly in control.
His twin brother, Jax, the mysterious one with a hungry gleam in his eyes.
Trigg, the athlete and sweetheart who carries his battle scars quietly.
The dashing gentleman, Daniel, with a brilliant mind and refined charm.
And Gunner, the youngest of the group and the life of the party.

Book one is a deliciously slow burn novel full of tension and chemistry that will tease, tempt, and probably torment you, but buckle up, because things are about to get sizzling hot — and dangerous...

The Code Series
Vested Interest
Hidden Agenda
Broken Process
Risky Business
Perfect Design

Each book in the series picks up where the previous one left off and they must be read in order for the story to make sense. There are some minor cliffhangers from book to book, but by the end of the series everything comes to a very satisfying conclusion.

Love Without Limits. #whychoose