Black Phoenix: Volume II: Reclamation

by Matthew Treadstone

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They All Had Plans For Her....

But Cooper didn’t care about them. Resurrected from death, a voice inside her head, and body tampered with beyond all reason, Cooper isn’t interested in what the Planetary Army, the last redoubt of human resistance, had in mind for her.

She still has her son to find, and a daughter to protect. Alyssa, the one child she managed to find, is knee deep in the Planetary Army’s hierarchy and responsible for much of what transpired in the 15 years Cooper laid dead, undergoing the modifications now wracking her body.

The companions she made in her escape from Synchro Point, her lover Kelly, and rescuer, Walleye, depend on her new capabilities as a near immortal supersoldier to survive. Cooper knows little about the war with Nexus, or why it invaded her home, killing seven billion, but it’s a threat to her new loves and responsible for the deaths of her old ones.

If the threat of Nexus wasn’t enough to keep pushing Cooper and her friends forward, it has awakened a double threat that haunted her life from before.

Two predators that stalked her dreams and former life have been unshackled to hunt her down. She knows them all too well, and they know too much about her.

The situation, however, allows her one precious thing to gain...

...A Reclamation...