Black Phoenix: Volume I: Intersection

by Matthew Treadstone

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The last thing Cooper remembers is dying.

After her death, she awakens fifteen years later to a world shattered by the rule of an interdimensional alien collective called Nexus.

Seven billion people have already died, and mankind faces oblivion. She finds her ex-husband much older, wounded by gunshot, and watches him die as he tries to explain the new, dying world he needs her to save.

Resurrected from death by an enigmatic alien race called eyphors, she rises stronger and faster than she could ever imagine, but frightened by a demon-like voice in her head. Cooper winds through a maze of enemies, including human collaborators who dream of godhood in the order of Nexus, some of whom she once knew.

She is allied by the eyphors and the fledgling human remnants. Against them Nexus arrays its endless legions of cybernetic super soldiers, synthetic alien juggernauts called biomechs, and hordes of robotic killing machines.

Cooper’s body and mind are fused with vastly powerful alien technology that not even the eyphors completely understand, reborn, a Black Phoenix, to bring the six billion year rule of Nexus to an end. But despite the plans laid out for her, Cooper has only one goal: find the two children she left behind.