On Edge

by Rose Harper

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One look. One touch. One taste.
Natalie dangles heaven in front of a sinner with no restraint,
Yet, expects me not to succumb to my primal desires.
It’s unspeakable;
Something I'm struggling with.
Her presence has me on edge,
Needing to feel her body slide against mine in coital bliss.
She’s supposed to be my personal assistant.
Just a woman to make my life easier.
But, if anything, it’s harder.
She’s making me unbelievably … harder.
I need to hear her cries of pleasure.
See her face when I'm deep inside her.
She’s Heaven and Hell all wrapped into one, 
And I'm tempted to feel the lick of flames just to have one taste.
*On Edge is book one in the Wicked Liaison Trilogy*On Edge is full of playful banter, heated moments, and enough sexual tension to ignite your kindle. This book does contain a cliff hanger, but you can pre-order the next book, Euphoria, now!