Damaged Hope

by L.K. Hill

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"Kyra [is] smart, resourceful, and gritty. She's got steel in her spine. This is the woman I think we need to see more of in fiction."-Rebecca A., The Missing Lynx

After surviving the horror of the Carmichael District, Kyra continues to look for her brother, but she can't seem to avoid crossing paths with the Mire's psychotic serial killer. Avoiding him and surviving the darkness of the Mire grows ever more difficult. And now he may be targeting her.

For Gabe, the mystery surrounding his brother's disappearance twenty-five years ago deepens as the suspect in custody is questioned, but speaks in riddles. If Gabe can decipher Hammond's strange clues, perhaps he can finally bring his brother's body home and obtain some closure. That is, if he can stay one step ahead of the murders in the Mire.

Kyra and Gabe face new, darker challenges in their search for missing brothers. Every victory brings setbacks and complications. They have little to push them forward now except determination and hope. Even if it is a Damaged Hope.
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