Bastions of Blood

by K.L. Conger

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The winter winds blow cold in Russia. On the heels of triumph comes tragedy.

After a decisive victory, Tsar Ivan falls ill, followed by his beloved wife. As the Tsarina's condition worsens, Inga glimpses the sadistic creature Ivan was before he married. As the Tsar's madness grows, he lashes out, and all of Russia feels the sting.

As Inga fears the future, Taras looks to the past, searching for the elusive answers to his mother’s death. Mystery piles upon mystery, and everyone refuses to talk. Taras wonders if he’ll ever truly understand the event that has plagued him since childhood.

The Kremlin darkens and the countryside fills with blood. Inga and Taras cling to one another for survival. Inga finds herself at an epic crossroads, with her heart beckoning her one way and her fear tugging her in another.

Find out what Inga chooses in the second installment of this medieval historical romance.