A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

by Robin Wirth

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Summer and Mia Raines came to Haven to bury their sister and move into her old house, and as usual Mia was all over the cutest guy around. Summer had been so sure she and Wolf Carson connected that first day, yet it was Mia he called to make a dinner date. It left her hurt more than she could possibly explain.
But when she finds Wolf in her bedroom after that date, professing his interest in her, she doesn’t know what to think. And it doesn’t help when she and Mia go shopping and learn that most folks in town believed that Wolf isn’t even human, but some kind of a werewolf instead!
Is Summer’s life in danger? Is Mia’s? And more importantly, which sister is this hunky guy finally going to choose? Come on in to this twisted, steamy tale and find out…