Quantum Entanglement

by Liesel K. Hill

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Watching time erode society in fast motion isn't Maggie's idea of an adventure.

Five months after the heartbreaking events on a Pacific island, Maggie waits for Marcus and the team to return.

The Travelers who finally show up to collect her, aren't who she expected. A snake-woman, an injured Traveler, and the complications of leap-frogging through decades of civil unrest, all stand in her way.

While Maggie fights her way back to Marcus, the collectives coalesce, power shifts, and the one called B puts sinister plans into action. If Maggie can’t stop him, her individuality—perhaps her very identity—will be ripped away before she can catch her breath.

Experience book 2 of this dystopian epic, where the romance, the action, and the stakes are pushed exponentially higher.

Stand out, or fade away…