Persistence of Vision

by Liesel K. Hill

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What if you were given only two choices in life: find some way to stand out, or else fade away?

It began with a hallucination. A time loss. A mistake. A strange man reaching out to her. All part of a tourist trap, Maggie is sure, and she’s lucky it wasn’t worse. Yet something about her life changed that day, and she can’t put her finger on what.

When the man from that hallucination appears months later, he turns Maggie’s world on it’s head.

A man she can’t remember. A bleak future. An oppressive regime, hell-bent on destroying individuality and enslaving the world.

Only Maggie can stop it, but the key to success lies in memories she no longer has…

Join the thousands of readers who have already discovered this award-winning dystopian romance.

Stand out or fade away…

Winner of the League of Utah Writers’ prestigious Silver Quill Award, 2013.