Basic Witch

by Harmony Hart

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Welcome to Salem, where paranormals of all kinds live in harmony. Mostly.

Gemma Bradbury used to be the epitome of a basic thirty-something woman—obsessed with social media, Netflix, and Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes.

But when she stumbles into a new life in Magickal Salem, everything changes. Gemma finds herself tangled up in the suspicious death of an elderly shop owner, realizes her cat can talk, and discovers she’s an actual witch.

She also finds out that she’s stuck in Salem. Forever.

But once the Coven assigns her a magical tutor—the drop-dead gorgeous Professor Beauregard Bacchus—and she makes friends with a real fairy princess, things start to look up.

All she has to do now is learn to navigate a new town full of witches, vampires and shifters, manage a magic shop, pass her first wand exam, and maybe flirt a bit with the handsome paranormal bachelors in her new town.

Oh, and find the shop owner’s real killer before Salem’s bumbling moose-shifter deputy tosses her in jail for murder.

Suddenly, this witch’s life isn’t so basic anymore.

Fans of witty cozy mysteries will love this magickal tale featuring a reluctant female sleuth, an opinionated feline familiar and a touch of romance set in a quaint (and gossipy) supernatural village.

Note: This book contains lighthearted and sarcastic humor, mild swearing, and sexual innuendos. Bonus recipes included.