Breaking the Myth

by Skye MacKinnon

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Discover nine retellings of unusual myths from bestselling and award winning authors. From paranormal Celts to gorgons in space, there's something for everyone in this collection.


1. Through The Storms by Laura Greenwood & Skye MacKinnon (paranormal)
2. Mother of Gods by Skye MacKinnon (paranormal romance)
3. Kelpie Curse by Roz Marshall (Fantasy)
4. White Wolf, Black Wolf by Arizona Tape (Fantasy)
5. The Hound by K.C. Carter (Fantasy)
6. Blinded Love by Bea Paige (futuristic paranormal romance)
7. The Stolen Bride by Gina Wynn (paranormal fantasy)
8. Hear Me Cry by Amanda J Evans (fantasy)
9. The Faerie Flag by Alison Ingleby (contemporary fantasy)