Ropes of Lies

by Kathy Noumi

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Eden: No one ever said life would be fair. And in this business, fair doesn't exist, it's only a game. He is the ruthless rival who would stop at nothing to win. The same man I walked away from. Five years ago, I refused to play by his rules. But our worlds were colliding, and I wasn't sure my heart could survive his merciless game again.

Jameson: She forfeited. Left me the victor without the spoils. Without her. Five years ago, I gave Eden everything and still came up empty-handed. She hates me, well, I don't give a shit. The little tease could loathe me, cuss me out, poach my clients, but I'd never let her win. The only thing I couldn't run from anymore? My need to have her in my bed. What rules would I break to win this game? All of them.