The Necronists: A Paranormal Steampunk Thriller

by J.M. Bannon

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Rose and Dolly are stumped how 132 souls were lost in an instant, A break in the case comes when a wire-type comes to them from the distant Colorado Territory. The newly badged U.S. Marshal has clues and want their help. So why not hop into Reidun’s new Airship and dash over to the wild west?

While the trail warms in the Rocky Mountains, it points to the idyllic provinces of France and Piedmont and crosses paths with Guild master Gérard Saint-Yves, his Necronists and their abominable creations.

Lord Gilchrist has returned from the jungles of Mexico with secrets of his own, but he is solely focused on relieving Preston of his blighted mind even if it means his heir suffering the experiments of a Swiss brain surgeon.

The boulevards of Paris could run with blood again and the ageless Emperor may finally be done for good.  The question is will Napoleon’s undoing be provoked by Rose or the designs of a Secret Society?

Rose and the team cross paths with former foes, some of whom are fair weather friends in uncovering the fellow known as Caiaphas and the web he weaves that will cut across time and space.

The Necronists is book two in the series. 

The series includes:
The Alchemists
The Necronists
The Mechanists


What other books have you written and what order should they be read?

The Untold Tales of Dolly Williamson
The Alchemists
The Necronists

Why should a reader pick up your book?
If they are looking for a series with character driven stories that include fantasy and science fiction but also a nod to history then pick up this book. I love it when a reader writes me that I introduced them to a historical figure they never knew existed and after researching learned that the life they lead was not all that different from how I portrayed them.

What is Steampunk?
Steampunk is an esthetic and for some a way of life. One key point is that steam is the main mode of power. So, the car would have an external combustion engine rather than an internal combustion engine. From there things can be wildly different, some steampunk is set in the future and is dystopian some is set in the past. I heard a good tag line

"When the Victorian comes together with Science Fiction like clockwork."

My rules for the Steampunk world I have built is this is an alternative history to our timeline. Many things are the same, and I use historical characters along with my fictional characters. In this world things happen slightly earlier and better mechanically and there are paranormal aspects along with fervent study of the physical sciences this world had also pursued study of the metaphysical. I like to say it is Urban Fantasy before electricity.