The Alchemists: A Paranormal Steampunk Thriller

by J.M. Bannon

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What has Sister Rose Caldwell been up to the past two years?New Job - New House - New EnemiesRose, Violet, and little Rosie have been settling into fancy new digs in upscale Paddington. While remodeling a haunted house into a new reliquary and studio arcana is fun, one needs to take a break occasionally.  Of course, the White Witch of London’s idea of a break is figuring out the identity of her mysterious benefactor and racing off to hunt a Mesopotamian Demon who has ignited the storm of the century.
Things get really weird when the quirky recluse, Preston Gilchrist shows up on her doorstep after three years living as a shut in.  Leaving Gilchrist Manor initiates an adventure that crosses the globe in an old airship piloted by the famous Vanderbilt, Valkyrie Reidun Falk, with stops in Berlin, Constantinople, and Königsberg.  Rose and her friend Preston search for his long-lost love, Lorelei Traube, the Alchemist responsible for inventing the Crucible process. Along the way their paths cross with actual historical characters - Sir James Maxwell and Thomas Edison, as well as mythological creatures and characters.
Good thing Rose came along as Prussian commandos, and an ancient order of Wizards are all trying to get their hands on Lorelei. When the truth comes out about Lorelei’s mysterious project and what is really at the heart of it, Rose requires her collection of gadgets and supernatural powers along with the ancient wisdom of Preston’s alter ego Azul to save humanity.
Sit back and enjoy a supernatural thriller set in a believable, yet fantastic alternative Steampunk history.  Following the prequel, The Alchemists is the first book in the Guild Chronicles Series.The series includes:Prequel: The Untold Tales of Dolly WilliamsonThe AlchemistsThe NecronistsThe Mechanists