The Brightest Night

by Bri Stone

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It was a bright summer day at UCSF medical school when Thom Edwards and Perrier Simmons met…

Thom Edwards was the strikingly handsome, enigmatic med student. Even with the events of his past in the years behind him, he has never met a challenge quite like this…like her.

Perrier Simmons doesn’t believe in unconditional love, or the fairy-tale relationships that come with it. She had to learn this the hard way, and with medical school and her career ahead of her, the temptation isn't an option.

When Thom makes his intentions known, Perrier is not quick to succumb to them; not even her true feelings are enough to make her let go and fall…in love and in hope. Knowing the threat of seperation would come at the end of medical school, and how possible it was for their love to destroy them both, they still developed something that would not be easily broken.

Book one of the Brightest Night Duet.