Men at Work: M/M Bundle

by Lina Langley

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Men At Work is a collection of steamy m/m stories by best selling author Lina Langley. The steamy things happen around or at work. Okay, mostly at work.

Stories include:
- And The World Begins With You
They used to be friends, but that was before everything changed. Can they leave the past behind and learn to work together?
- Gilded Silence
When Daniel asks Bryn to marry him, it's supposed to be a bribe. Love shouldn't have anything to do with it.
- Lighting Up The Night
The recession forces Sal back home. But it's not supposed to force him into his best friend's arm, because Sal is pretty sure he's straight... and even if he wasn't, Ethan has too much on his plate to be interested.
- Finding Home
Nev is overworked to the point that his boss forces him to take a vacation. When the option appears to have a short holiday romance between a hot woman or her drifter brother, he chooses the latter... and he gets far more than he bargained for.
- Under The Rug
Max is a rising star in the firm. But the new janitor has him distracted, and when Max learns who John really is, he realizes that he might have put everything on the line for something that can't ever go anywhere. No matter how much he wants it to.

Warning: This story may content triggering content. It is approximately 80,000+ words in length and contains language & erotic adult scenes. It is intended for adults.