Examined at the Races: A Cautionary Tale of Humiliation

by Tamsin Taite

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Be forewarned, Dear Reader, that this is a chilling story of one unfortunate lady’s utter Humiliation and Debasement, which is in no way fit for respectable eyes except as a cautionary tale. It is in that spirit that the author does convey how Lady Tremane (a pseudonym, so her descendants might someday escape the terrible stain of her guilt) participated in a most Wicked and Shameful Medical Examination conducted by a Villainous Doctor and witnessed by a French Moneylender to whom the poor lady was indebted.

It is with great sorrow that the author goes on to tell of the Depraved Titillation that this Shameful Voluptuary obtained from these events. These shocking acts are described in great detail, in order that you may be warned off from ever falling into a similar trap, and so we exhort you to not turn your eyes from her Debasement however much it may make you blush. It is hoped that all ladies will benefit from this admonition against Gambling, Immoral Doctors, and most of all, Vicious Pleasures of the Flesh.