Black Monastery

by William Stacey

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Declared Outlaw.
Banished from home.
No future.
But Asgrim is going to prove them all wrong.

Read the medieval dark fantasy horror tale that Amazon voted a 2014 Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter-Finalist!

Banned for killing the son of the jarl, Viking warband leader Asgrim seeks redemption and a way home again. But no man could hope to raise the princely blood debt placed upon him.

When he learns of a great treasure hidden away beneath a monastery on a Frankish island, Asgrim thinks fate has given him one final chance.

But Asgrim has been tricked.

Deep beneath the stones of the mysterious Black Monastery, an unearthly evil has been set free—an eastern demon that hates the living.

Now, Asgrim must team with a suspected Frankish witch to stop the demon before it's unleashed upon the world.

You'll love this dark fantasy novel because of its compelling characters, raw and vivid imagery, and graphic fight scenes.

Amazon best-selling author William Stacey is a former career army officer and the author of the Vampire Queen Saga and the Dark Elf War series.