The Power of Sex and How to Wield It

by Sam Collins

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We see it in usage every day in everything from literature to marketing. The sexy man or woman displaying the product has nothing to do with how well it works. Or if it even works. It's designed to allure you with their sex appeal. To make you desire the person not the item. The reason many of us buy the product is based solely on that reason. We were seduced into buying it. The model was attractive made us wanted it, desired it, so we brought it. That was the power of seduction in use. Although we see it everywhere. Few modern people truly know how it use it although It's displayed in movies, books, boardrooms and bedrooms all over the world. Throughout history it has been used to create or destroy empire, make or break treaties. It an ancient art that many in the modern world do not know how to wield the power of. Many do not know how to use the dance of seduction to their advance. They do not know the hottest touch is with the eyes not the hands. Too many women today think it means giving up the progress women has made in the past 30 years. When that is not what it means at all. It means empowering a woman, building her confidence, making her comfortable in her own skin no matter what size she wears or what age she maybe. The secrets of a siren are not her beauty, it’s that she knows to wield the power of seduction. How to drive men wild with a mere glance. Every animal in the animal kingdom has a dance of seduction and so do humans.