The Tree: The First Book of the Chronicles of Ana

by A. White

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Five-year-old Ana BuFaye looked across the semi-dark room over at her older sister Helena who was slightly snoring. To her, the shadows on the pastel blue wall-papered wall casted by the moonshine illuminating old tree outside their window are coming to life. The dark, gnarly branches are reaching into the room; across the wall and ceiling…reaching out to grab her. Her eyes widen when she heard movement. It was merely her sister turns over and pulls the covers closer around her shoulders and snuggles down in the fresh clean sheets mom just washed today. She’s scared but tonight stayed in her own bed because 13-year-old Helena doesn't like to wake up in the middle of the night with her standing over her or trying to get in bed with her. She says that creeps her out. When things get seriously scary she takes her doll and climb into her sister's unwelcoming bed no manner what Helena says. Helena mostly push her out or make her go back to her own bed on the right side of the room they shared.

Tonight, was looking like one of those scary nights. She looked at the reproduction a relative did long ago of "Starry Nights" and wished her nights were "starry" instead of scary.