by Elise Black

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Lies can hide the best and worst of intentions. The truth falls somewhere in between.

Mia Park’s career as a runway model is over, but her relationship with top fashion designer David Madison keeps her picture in the papers and her name rolling off the lips of adoring fans. It’s a life most people dream of, but Mia’s never felt like more of a farce. Lonely and unsatisfied, she makes a reckless decision, and an anonymous tryst with a stranger becomes more than just a fantasy.

When a crazed fan from Mia’s past makes a reappearance, an unlikely partnership is formed between the man who seems to control every part of her life and the one-night stand she thought she’d never see again.

With everyone hiding something, it may be difficult to decide who’s in it to win her heart and who’s out to destroy her.

*17+ due to a foul-mouthed, sass-talking super model, her jaw-dropping bodyguard, and enough sexual attraction to light up Manhattan. (Episodes 1-10 are more than 18,500 words.)


“Are you looking for someone?”

I finished my scan of the room and my eyes landed on the handsome stranger next to me. Was I looking for someone? No. I’d been so angry for so long. I wasn’t looking for someone. I was looking for something. Something spontaneous and meaningless. Something that would be my little secret. I needed my own secret.

I looked into his eyes. They were so dark. I could get lost in dark, murky eyes like that. “No.”
“That’s too bad.”

“I’m not sure that it is. I thought maybe I wasn’t looking any more because I’d just found him.”

One eyebrow quirked up mischievously. “I’m St–” he began.

I raised a hand to cut him off. “No. No names. No small talk.”

His eyes danced before roaming down my body in appreciation. “You have the longest legs I think I’ve ever seen.” He was into this. I could tell.

His large hand enclosed around mine and he pulled me away from the wall we’d been holding up. “Come with me.”

Awwww, come. Yes. I wanted that. It had been so long. I did one last search of the room. No one was watching. “I can’t be gone long.”

“I don’t need very long.”

My hopes for this man crashed and burned. “I’m not sure if that’s something to brag about.”

“I don’t need to brag, Legs.”

Hope eternal sprang forth again. I’d been right about him. He looked and sounded like the kind of man that knew what to do with his hands. This is what I needed. A hard, fast fucking by a man who didn’t care whether he knew my name. A man who wasn’t interested in me because of my name.

He pulled me down a long service hall and then through an unmarked door. The room was dark, the only light coming from a small lamp in the corner. It appeared to be a private bathroom. Maybe one used by event staff. He reached behind me to hit the lock while I searched for my bearings and follow-through.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked.

I stepped forward and placed my fingers over his mouth. “Stop talking.” I didn’t recognize the words coming out of my mouth. Didn’t recognize the woman speaking them.